Far-Right Trolls Are Falsely Saying LGBT Activists Want Pedophilia Accepted

Baseless accusations of LGBT activists supporting the acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual orientation have resurfaced thanks to far-right trolls and internet conspiracists.

The latest push of the false narrative came from actor and prominent conservative James Woods, who frequently uses his Twitter account to spread falsehoods.


AH Comments:  James Woods?  Now that he’s practically faded into oblivion, his distribution of such hateful lies appears to be a desperate need to reclaim some of the attention and validation he received when he was an actor.   He’s pathetic.  Reduced to  acting for an audience of bigots and haters.  

LGBTQ have NEVER promoted acceptance of pedophilia.  It’s an outrageous LIE.  An emotionally charged tactic being used by rightwing-nuts and fake Christians to demonize LGBTQ. 

The result being sustained discrimination, bigotry, hate and escalating violence.

“If you don’t know any better and you already think there’s something wrong with this community, you’re going to see this as more reason why it shouldn’t have rights.”

buzzfeednews.com: Far-Right Trolls Are Falsely Saying LGBT Activists Want Pedophilia Accepted

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