Image and Intimacy by Stuart Sandford at Tom of Finland House

Notice: The Stuart Sandford collection contains graphic (NOT pornographic) images for mature audiences only.

Stuart Sandford: 1421 Laveta Terrace

This exhibition consists of Stuart Sandford’s Polaroid suite, “1421 Laveta Terrace,” snapshots of his personal experiences and atmosphere at the Tom of Finland Foundation taken during his time as artist-in-residence there and serving as an homage to Tom, alongside a special collaboration of portraits with porn actor Brent Corrigan, as well as documentation of a bronze sculpture where visitors to Tom of Finland Foundation were asked to contribute their urine in the making of the work.

CULTUREEDIT/Tom of Finland Store presents an online exhibition titled 1421 Laveta Terrace, an intimate collection of photographs and moving image works by British artist Stuart Sandford. Image and Intimacy by Stuart Sandford at Tom of Finland House


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